Tuesday 18 June 2019

Super Dancer 3 Winner: See Who Lifted a Trophy as Voting Results out!

Winner: Super Dancer Chapter 3 Sony TV dance reality show reached to the grand finale and now its time to announce the winner of the show. See who lifted a winning trophy in grand finale as public voting results out and one of the top 5 finalists have been titled as an ultimate winner of Super Dancer 3.
top 5

Top 5 finalists contestants Sakasham Sharma, Rupsa, Jayshree Gogoi, Gourav Sarwan and Tejas Varma have been amazing throughout the season. They have got the maximum public voting results each week and managed to make entry in Super 5 list.

Now, Super Dancer 3 Grand Finale happened in TOP 5. The Voting lines of Sonyliv are officially closed and now Winner, Runners up Names list out. See who are the Super Dancer 3 Winner, 1st Runner up, 2nd Runners up based on to the voting results.

Super Dancer 3 TOP 5 Finalists - Saksham Sharma, Tejas Varma, Rupsa, Jayshree Gogoi, Gourav Sarwan
Super Dancer Chapter 3 Winner - TBA
Super Dancer 3 Runners up (First, Second) - TBA

Super Dancer 3 Winner lifts up the Shining Winning Trophy and gets Price money as an award. Also first runner up, 2nd runner up gets prizes. Super Dancer 3 Winner Announced on 23rd June 2019 Grand Finale episode.

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