Thursday 16 January 2020

Pattas Movie Starring Dhanush | Buzzing the Town and Tamil Industry!

Pattas Story: A petty thief comes to know of his illustrious father and takes on the man who murdered him to bring to limelight the ancient martial art form that his father practised. Pattas Movie Download Tamilrockers, Hindi Dubbed.

Dhanush's 'Pattaas' came as a sweet Pongal treat for his fans on January fifteenth and the opening has been historic earning rupees 6.5 Crores in Tamil Nadu with extraordinary reaction from the crowds. The figures are much progressively noteworthy considering the way that Superstar Rajinikanth's blockbuster hit 'Darbar' is going solid in its seventh day too.

Pattas doesn't transcend the buzzwords that establish standard retribution adventure. This is the account of a unimportant criminal who locks horns with the man answerable for his dad's passing as he would like to promote the hand to hand fighting structure once rehearsed by his dad.

The account of a child avenging his dad isn't an energizing plot point any longer except if the story is stuffed with highs that cause you to kick back and get put resources into the tale of vengeance. Lamentably, Pattas doesn't exactly cause you to go goodness, and is exclusively rescued by Dhanush's essence in double jobs. Notwithstanding Dhanush and Sneha, who gets substantial parts, there's nothing energizing in Pattas to try and examine.

Pattas is a very much made business performer with great exhibitions that features our antiquated combative techniques. In spite of being fascinating in parts, particularly when the story manages the antiquated hand to hand fighting structure

Movie: Pattas
Director: RS Durai Senthil Kumar
Cast: Dhanush, Sneha, Mehreen Pirzada and Naveen Chandra


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